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Zanoza Borzoi was established in 1990, though at that time, "I just wanted one." I never dreamed how much borzoi would become not only a part of my life, but would become my life. Over the years, our home of "one," Mieschka (center, above), grew to include quite a few more. Today, you'll see us with our hounds in the conformation rings, on the coursing fields, oval and straight tracks, and even in the obedience rings.


"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be. But performance indicates what the animal actually is." -Anonymous


We have invested many hours, miles, and money - and as much love - helping the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation. Click HERE to learn more about NBRF. More than once, we have even suffered "foster failure" - meaning we kept those "rescues" here with us for life. We breed very infrequently and have extended our circle of friends (now called family) to include those who have welcomed our hounds into their homes.


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Liz A. Duncan-Burge
Zanoza Borzoi


Evik and Kaya
All Russians Cropped
Left to Right: Vanya, Kovar, Izzy, Evik, Eragon, Jenny (owned by Sheila Weaver), and Kaya - All are from Kennel Iz Kitez Grada of the Ukraine.

Deer Kill Oct 2011(a)RS
Deer Kill Oct 2011(b)RS

While being far from politically correct, this is a photo that I just have to show off. Kaya and Naughty, both at 6-1/2 years old, caught and killed, unassisted, this 80 plus pound button buck at my farm in southern Illinois in October 2011.  I have 35 acres that is securely fenced in for the dogs, however deer can still clear the fence due to their incredible jumping height.....so my dogs were NOT sent out to hunt, they were just running and playing on my securely fenced property and kicked up this deer in the woods..........it was incredible to watch my girls do what they were born to do even though I was yelling. "NO!!!" loudly, repeatedly and hysterically.......the chase was breathtaking, the kill was swift and after the button buck was killed and stopped moving, my girls went in search of another one!  Thankfully they did not find another deer that day.